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  1. Chase

    What are you going to be RPing when LSC is out?

    RPing with the LSFD with @Lord Unknown but also plan on keeping Weazel News alive and well.
  2. Chase

    Happy New Year - Staff Update #4

    Happy New Years! 💚💙
  3. Chase

    VineHood Park Locos 14

    Looks good, good content to read. Good luck. =)
  4. Chase

    [WNN] Weazel News Network

    No liVe ShoOtInGs!? I'll be bringing my video broadcasting project back in action from another server, but make use of YouTube if anything. It won't be as active nor current than live broadcasting or forum postings, but would make the faction more interactive and flashy. :)
  5. Chase

    [WNN] Weazel News Network

    Hoping to make a new but interact faction, especially when it comes to news reports and unique content on the forums. =)
  6. Chase

    [WNN] Weazel News Network

    Just finished this part of the show lol. Cheers - as well with everyone else, appreciated! Watching it as I type this. Love me some James Spader. :D
  7. Chase

    [WNN] Weazel News Network

    Don't tempt me with a good time. 😗 Sounds good to me!
  8. Chase

    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays. 😀
  9. Chase

    [WNN] Weazel News Network

    Thanks! I've been wanting to help construct this faction for a while, and hope the outcome is productive and provides the server with a dedicated content source.
  10. Chase

    [WNN] Weazel News Network

    Reserved. * To be updated over time.
  11. Chase

    [WNN] Weazel News Network

    Reserved. * To be updated over time.
  12. Chase

    [WNN] Weazel News Network

    "Broadcasting from the City of Los Santos, this is the Weazel News Network.." __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ABOUT THE NETWORK Founded upon fundamental multimedia values, the Weazel News Network strives to provide the city of...
  13. Chase

    O’Connor Association

    Looks good, very nice read indeed.
  14. Chase

    Community Announcement - Staff Update #2

    Welcome, and good progress!
  15. Chase

    Your first RP server?

    Continental Roleplay, and then made the switch to Los Santos Roleplay.