Los Santos County

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  1. Barnesky

    O’Connor Association

    Looks good, very nice read indeed.
  2. Barnesky

    Community Announcement - Staff Update #2

    Welcome, and good progress!
  3. Barnesky

    Your first RP server?

    Continental Roleplay, and then made the switch to Los Santos Roleplay.
  4. Barnesky

    The profile picture above you appears at your doorway

    Give them all the money in my pocket because it looks angry.
  5. Barnesky

    The Weazel News Network

    Looks crisp, good luck and hope to catch you guys alongside the streets. =)
  6. Barnesky

    Steam Names

  7. Barnesky

    Community Announcement - Staff Update #1

    Congrats. And thank you Bradley (and everyone else of course) for the hard work. \o/