Los Santos County

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  1. Topaz

    The Cohen Function

    Best of luck!
  2. Topaz

    Long Beach Insane Crip

    Locked and archived upon request. Message any faction management member to have it unlocked.
  3. Topaz

    Bay Shore Club

    That's the plan! Bring community members together through events, not a cops and robber faction.
  4. Topaz

    What factions are you looking forward to seeing?

    Whatttttt all car factions are like need for speed or fast and furious cmmon. lol
  5. Topaz

    Community Update #6

    Woop woop
  6. Topaz

    Hunger / Thirst / NPC's

    I have no issue with a hunger/thirst system but can see how it can get annoying at times though. I especially can see how it can be annoying if it were to mess with the player's view and or have some time of debuffs such as loss of health or stamina. I do like how it would encourage players to...
  7. Topaz

    Bay Shore Club

    Racing Club Bay Shore Club (BSC) is a racing club established in 2016 in Chumash, San Andreas. Formed by two cousins, Kevin Knox and Clark Bryson, the club did not expect to expand beyond their circle of friends. Both cousins found interests in automobiles and racing when they first got their...
  8. Topaz

    The 5 Point Kings

    Go far! Best of luck guys; don't get stabbed.
  9. Topaz

    Unwatch threads automatically

    Moving thread to Player Support for others to see.
  10. Topaz

    What are you listening too?

  11. Topaz

    What type of jobs would you like to see?

    What does Mark Wahlburg have to do with stocks? I see the stock market as a learning experience for new people. I learned a lot of basic new stuff through SA-MP which helped me in life.
  12. Topaz

    Justitiae's Models & Textures

    Oooo very nice!
  13. Topaz

    Happy New Year - Staff Update #4

    Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the new staff team members!
  14. Topaz

    [Discussion] PK vs CK and rules around this

    I'd like to see CKs happen more frequently too tbh. I'm all for players losing assets and overall networth as it'll keep a stable economy. If you picture it, roleplay economy and irl economy are two different things. IRL economy tends to fluctuate as role play only goes up, with slight drops due...