Los Santos County

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  1. Topaz

    Property Management: What are you expecting?

    It's not something you have to do in the sense of contacting every player and asking "Oh hey are you leaving?" Can just have the system automate it.
  2. Topaz

    Property Management: What are you expecting?

    One thing could be property inactivity removal. The only thing that I see other servers do is that you lose all of the money that you've invested in that house after inactivity. In terms of economics, having people lose money through means of inactivity would act as a money sinkhole removing...
  3. Topaz

    Community Announcement - Staff Update #2

    Love the helicopter camera!
  4. Topaz

    Your first RP server?

    Valhalla Gaming after they bought the Godfather script.
  5. Topaz

    What is on you is on you

    I wouldn't be against this rule at all. I also wouldn't mind if the server restricts you from carrying so much money. (Eg. You can't carry $10,000 without having a backpack or a brown paperbag). But that'll probably be for another suggestion. Maybe one of the limitations for this rule would be a...
  6. Topaz

    What type of jobs would you like to see?

    Revolving around roleplay jobs would be the best bet. Something interesting would be having jobs rely on one another. An example of jobs relying on one another is you have miners who mine ores, couriers who transport the ores, weapon factories that produce weapons for ammu-nations, and...