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  1. Pointless

    Car/Bike thread

  2. Pointless

    What are you listening too?

  3. Pointless

    Community Update #6

    June Development Update Announcement #6 2Hey Everyone! It's been a rough few months, I hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe whilst riding out this horrific global pandemic. A lot of us are going through so much during this extremely difficult time, whether that be financial or simply...
  4. Pointless

    The beautiful world of Red Dead Redemption 2

    Lets launch our GTA server first, then we can talk about expansions ;)
  5. Pointless

    Unwatch threads automatically

    Changed it so by default it is toggled to off.
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    What are you listening too?

    One of the best country songs I've heard in awhile.
  7. Pointless

    Escape From Tarkov

    Anyone else play?
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    What are you going to be RPing when LSC is out?

    I plan on having my main account in LSPD, however I'll be monitoring faction threads in hopes to have an alternate account involved in gang role-play.
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    What are you listening too?

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    Happy New Year - Staff Update #4

    New Years Announcement Announcement #4 2 Hey everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves over the Holiday seasons; hopefully you all had lots of time with friends and loved ones as well as overindulging in family dinners, I know I did. This time last year, Aero, Bradley, and I were sitting...
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    Community Announcement - Staff Update #3

    Community Announcement Announcement #3 2 Hey guys! It’s been a while since our last announcement and we have had a lot of changes coming into play for Los Santos County. We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday as it quickly approaches! This announcement is an important step...
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    What are you listening too?

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    Community Announcement - Staff Update #1

    Community Announcement Announcement #1 2 Hello everyone, First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone that has helped out thus far. Everyone involved has been a tremendous help, this wouldn't be possible without you guys, I really cannot thank you guys enough! Secondly, our Tester team...
  14. Pointless

    [GUIDE] Proper Screenshot Editing

    Made Official, very detailed guide. Great job!
  15. Pointless

    Recommend a movie!

    Currently watching the series "Blacklist", revolves around a criminal mastermind that has a vast list of illegal connections, he uses that to get his own way and manipulate the FBI into working with him. Great show.
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    What are you listening too?

  17. Pointless

    What sort of wishes do you have for this community?

    A thriving community with a happy player base. A server in which is fun, yet challenging to play, which also pumps out frequent yet fun updates. :cool:
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    What are you listening too?