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Business Leases - Guidelines

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Head of Property Management
Apr 5, 2019
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Head of Properties: Biosphere
Head of Leases: N/A

Status: CLOSED

The purpose of this thread is to inform everyone if they are eligible or not for leasing a business. We highly encourage all applications to read the entire thread and to understand all the information that's written in here. Make sure you check all the criterias. Once you're eligible for applying for a business, please move to the application stage.

General information:

This project is dedicated to players who are willing to run a business but they cannot due of financial reasons. We're looking for people who are dedicated to role-play as a business owner, and who understand the concept behind the leasing system. That being said, if you think you're suitable and your role-play is above minimum standards, fill an application.
Keep in mind that, a leased business comes with a weekly fee and an activity check. You'll learn more about that once you sign the leasing contract.


The leasing process is taking part both here, on forums, and in-game. You will learn in the following steps how the leasing team is working:

  • First, an applicant will post their application. A Property Management member will answer their application, and decide if it's eligible for the next step or if they have to revise their application.
  • If the application is done accordingly, the next step is the OOC&IC check-up. Your admin record should be clean, as well as your in-game criminal record. Keep in mind that owning a business is a serious matter and your character should be a role-model citizen to others.
  • If your records are clean, we will move to the next step which is the interview. At this stage, you'll be assigned to one of Property Management's members to schedule an interview. This interview is totally In-Character and should portray your abilities as a high role-player. You are going to be asked a serious of questions to see how important is this business for you and how serious you are.
  • If the interview went well, you will be asked to sign our leasing contract. This means that you are now registered as a business at the Government and that you're responsible for your business.
  • Head of Property will set the business on your character's name.
  • You will be assigned to one of our members, and you will discuss on a weekly basis, either through forum private messages or Discord messages about your business and your activity.


You must conform to all the Business rules. Disobeying from the rules will lead to removal of your leased business and a permanent ban for future leasing.

You need to keep a decent activity throughout your leasing contract. You have to forum PM or Discord message your leasing coach every 7 days with an update about your business and some screenshots of your activity. Failing to do this 3 times will end up with the removal of your business.

You need to have in the business' safe the weekly fee for your business, which will be automatically taken. Failing to do this 3 times will end up with the removal of your business.

Your admin record should be impeccable, as well as your criminal record. Both of your records will be checked once in a while, so it's advised to stay out of trouble. Disobeying from this rule will end up with the removal of your business.

Do you have a question? Contact Biosphere.

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