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[!] Frequently Asked Questions


Jun 7, 2019
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1. When is the server going to launch?
This is a commonly asked question: we do not plan to launch a sever without having all features completed. Our mission is to deliver a finished product to our players, where they can role play and enjoy the game. Unlike other servers, we promise what is showcased in our videos and teasers.
2. Is the server light, medium, or heavy roleplay?
The server will not have any labels, which means that it’s going to just be a role play server and allow anyone to join. Keep in mind, there will be rules and set standards in place to ensure quality role play at all times.
3. What modifications will be on the server?
The only modifications on the server will be vehicle models for Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Fire Department, and potentially uniforms for them. The server is currently on Rage Multiplayer.
4. Is the server based in the county?
No, the server is based in Los Santos but we will not be restricting the map. You will be able to roleplay in the county too.
5. How do I join the staff team?
You will need to submit a tester application on the forums. Please make sure you have read https://forum.ls-county.com/threads/open-tester-application-form.118/ before applying.
6. Why can't I verify my forum account to Discord?
If you’re having trouble linking your forum account, make sure that you have verified your e-mail on the forum before verifying. To avoid any other issues, please set your status on Discord to online. If you have issues still, contact a member of staff and we will happily assist you with any problems.
Note; This thread will be updated frequently.