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In-Game Rules

Los Santos County

Dec 28, 2018
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Common Sense - Use common sense before carrying out an action you think is questionable, if at any point you feel uncertain regarding something you are about to do and if it is against our server policy, don't hesitate to contact a member of our staff team for clarification. We are all here to enjoy ourselves and have a good time, please do not ruin that for others!

1. Remain In-Character At All Times
You are required to remain in-character at any given point in time. Even if you feel the situation you are involved in is unrealistic or against server rules, you must seek out an administrator for assistance via the proper steps (Ex: /report) and must roleplay up until the administrator is involved in the situation.
  • Masks bought from a 24/7 or from the use of a donation perk (/mask) are entirely out of character. You're not required to remove your mask for any reason, even at the request of another player. If you wish to obstruct your facial appearance you need a mask in character (Clothing object, etc).
Consequences: First-time offences may lead to an admin jail, while most cases will result in a server ban.

2. Metagaming
Metagaming - Using out of Character information, In-Character that gives you an advantage or alters an action in any way is strictly not allowed.

For example:
  • Using TeamSpeak, Discord, Skype or any other Voice Communication software to communicate with other players to communicate regarding In-Character Information such as current locations and situations.
  • Personal Messaging or any other form of out of character game chats cannot be used to pass along In-Character Information, this includes messaging a friend to pick you up.
Consequences: Admin Jail - Server ban.

3. Power Gaming
Role playing acts of which are not humanly possible/realistic is simply not allowed. Power gaming may also be defined as forcing an action (role play) upon another player that gives you an unjustified advantage.

For example:
  • Casper Owens punches Bradley Snow in the face causing certain death.
  • Jeffrey Wright reaches into Mason Hamilton's pocket withdrawing $1500 without him noticing.
Consequences: Admin Jail - Server Ban

4. Third Party Modifications / Hacking
While AltV will not allow for Grand Theft Auto V modifications, on the off chance; here at Los Santos County we have a zero tolerance for any third party script modifications or hacking software. This includes threats to our Community, Server, and fellow members. Zero tolerance means that there is no warning, you are permanently banned with no chance of an appeal.
Consequences: Permanent Server ban.

5. Vulgar Roleplay
The following roleplay can be defined as Vulgar Roleplay:
  • Rape
  • Paedophilia
  • Bodily Dismemberment
  • Cannibalism
Players must seek and have approved out of character consent from ALL parties involved (It is recommended all parties involved screenshot consent) before the roleplay progresses towards anything listed above. If at any time any player begins to feel uncomfortable the role play must be seized and voided all-together. This is the only situation where a player(s) may void role play without the permission from an Administrator. This type of roleplay must be conducted in a secluded area or property whereas the roleplay is not public.
Consequences: Server ban.

6. Deathmatching
You must have a sufficient roleplay reason to kill another player. Doing so without just reason is considered deathmatching. Only official illegal factions and its members may take on contract "hits". Terrorism is also not allowed without permission from an administrator.
Consequences: Admin jail - Server ban.

7. Robbing and Scamming
Robbing - All players involved in a robbery must be level 5, and the maximum amount of money you can rob of one individual person is $1,000. You are not allowed to force a player to withdraw money from an ATM/Bank, You are not allowed to role play your money in an unrealistic location to avoid having to give it to the player robbing you. As for weapons and drugs, there's no limit to what can be robbed. The general rule of thumb is "If it's on you, it's on you."

Bank/Business Robberies require administrator approval beforehand. There is no level requirement for a bank robbery, however, you must have a detailed plan before seeking approval. You may seek approval to rob a bank/business via the "/report" command in-game.

Scamming - All players involved in a scam must be level 5. Scamming must be done entirely in character, you may scam up too $50,000. Legally owned casinos may not participate/encourage scams.

Lending money and illegal gambling are done entirely at your own risk. If a player refuses to repay the money you have lent them the staff team will not help you in recovering your money, this also applies if the player you lent money too is banned from the server, your money is gone as well.
Consequences: Admin jail - Server ban.

8. Real-World trading
It is strictly forbidden to offer in-game property/currency and/or server related services in exchange for real-world items (or other digital items). Any sale/exchange of property that is deemed to be an out of character transaction will be handled appropriately.
Consequences: Minor cases may be a documented warning whereas repeated offences/serious offences will lead to a permanent community ban.

9. Safe Zones
Safezones are defined as an area in which crime cannot be committed. If roleplay is started outside of a safe zone and a player flees into a safe zone, the roleplay may continue. The following locations are listed as safe zones:
  • Civilian Spawn
  • Los Santos Police Department HQ
  • Los Santos Fire Department
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Los Santos Correctional Facility
  • Ammunitions
  • Vehicle Dealerships
All areas listed above must be exempt from any form of player conflict/harassment or crime. These areas would be monitored by a security force which makes it unrealistic for crime to be committed in these areas.
Consequences: If players are found to be fleeing to safe areas to try and avoid roleplay they will be dealt with accordingly, punishments may range from a verbal warning to a temporary ban depending on the severity and the number of occurrences.

10. Property Rules

  • You may not purposely destroy another players vehicle.
  • Attacking another players property (House, Apartment, Business, Etc) requires administrative permission/supervision as this is done entirely IC. The property that is damaged will be rendered unavailable for 24 Hours.
  • You may not abuse the furniture system, placing objects in a way that is otherwise unrealistic or used to obstruct certain areas of a house/business is not allowed under any circumstances.
Consequences: Players found to be destroying players property on purpose will be admin jailed or banned depending on severity, players found abusing the furniture system will risk losing their property and admin jail.

11. Account Information
Accounty Security - You are always responsible for your account at any given point in time. We will not tolerate the excuse "my brother was on my account" or "I left myself logged in and my friend had access to my account" here. It is your responsibility to make sure your account is secure at any time. We recommend using hard to guess passwords (KeePass, or LastPass etc. is a great application to use) as well as our offered Two Factor Authentication system.

Account Names - In-game names must remain realistic, you may not use celebrity/famous names. Names must not be offences or contain special characters (eg: ó ñ ä ). If an admin feels your name is not realistic, your account will be disabled and you will have to create another character OR use a name change of your purchase (one will not be provided).

Ban Evasion - If your account is disabled for any reason and you feel as if you deserve a second chance to return to our server you must file a ban appeal. Any attempt to create a second account or use an IP masking service such as a proxy will lead to an automatic ban with an extension onto your original ban.
Consequences: In most, if not all cases above serious offences will lead to account disablement/community ban.
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