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Mara Salvatrucha 13 Normandie Locos


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Sep 15, 2019
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Marlon Padilla
Mara Salvatrucha 13 Normandie Locos; A History

The Mara Salvatrucha Normandie Locos (MS NLS) are a small and tight knit clique of the Mara Salvatrucha 13 transnational criminal organization located in the slums of Southern Little Seoul, West Los Santos. The clique is a fairly new clique of the Mara Salvatrucha 13, having been founded by Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran immigrants in 2002. Ever since its founding, it has gone from being a ragtag and disorganised street gang centered on making money through the sale of illicit narcotics and stolen/illegally modified firearms to being a small organized crime cell which has a primary aim of enforcing the Mexican Mafia's orders in the streets of South Central Los Santos. Nowadays, as of 2017, it is only nominally a clique but in reality a small yet viciously violent organized crime cell.

The Mara Salvatrucha Normandie Locos were one of the original subsets of the Lafayette Locos Salvatruchos (LLS), founded by impoverished and illegal socioeconomic immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in 1998. Over time, the clique grew out and began recruiting Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans from Glen Park, thus making it the first multi-ethnic clique of the Lafayette Locos Salvatruchos.

In 2002, four years after its founding, the Normandie Locos broke away from the Lafayette Locos due to being disaffected by the latter's pro-rape and pro-sexual abuse stance to criminal activity. This caused a bloody, seven month long civil war within the Lafayette Locos and ultimately led to the street gang's total demise. While the Figueroa Locos reigned supreme, they also faced new enemies such as the Crazy Riders 13, Wanderers 13, K-Town Mafia Crips and the last active remnants of the 18th Street Calais Lil Cycos over a dozen years. The street gang, over this twelve year long period, fuelled their street wars through their illicit narcotics and firearm dealing business.

Since the resurrection of the Wilmer Parque 13 in 2014, and the resurgence of old rivals such as the Wanderers 13 and Rollin 40's Neighbourhood Crips in the following years, the Normandie Locos have resorted to low level organized crime.

Their involvement with organised crime formally began when illegal Nicaraguan immigrant and Normandie Locos shotcaller, Roberto Cordua, was incarcerated in the Pleasant Valley State Prison on a sixteen year sentence for narcotics trafficking in 2011. While incarcerated in the Pleasant Valley State Prison, he associated himself with the Mexican Mafia in the medium security facility of that state prison. Here, he brought the Figueroa Locos under the protection of the Mexican Mafia, thus securing it as one of the many street gangs which it is nominally in control of. Eventually, in 2014, Roberto Cordua was bumped up to the maximum security facility of the state prison for stabbing a Mexican American child molester to death on the orders of his bosses. For his involvement in a second murder, in which he slit the throat of a Norteño as he slept in his cell, which took place in the maximum security state prison a mere eight months after arriving there, he was transferred to the San Andreas Correctional Facility. He remains locked up in the Secure Housing Unit (SHU) and remains in close contact with Mexican Mafia members who control turf all throughout South Central Los Santos. He is serving two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, and despite this, his deportation order which is to be served upon his release from state prison, still stands.

Nowadays, while the Normandie Locos are nominally a clique, they're actively involved in being muscle for the Mexican Mafia (eMe) in the streets of South Central Los Santos. Though members of the clique remain involved in making money through the sale of illicit narcotics and stolen/illegally modified firearms, they are primarily involved with enforcing the Mexican Mafia's orders in the streets. These orders include collecting street taxes, extorting drug dealers and small businesses, carrying out hired hits as well as helping to pass on messages from incarcerated Mexican Mafia members to ones who are active in the street.

The Normandie Locos have remained traditional in that their members are predominately of Guatemalan, Salvadoran, Honduran or Nicaraguan ethnic heritage. They will recruit Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans but remain reluctant to do so. The median age for a member to join is sixteen years old, and because they directly work for the Mexican Mafia, the underage members are not directly involved with the eMe's business until they reach the age of eighteen. The clique prohibits people under the age of sixteen from being jumped in, and prefers aspiring members to be eighteen and/or older. Recruitment into the clique in general is very selective, and only the most bloodthirsty and brutally violent individuals are allowed to get jumped in. The clique's main focus nowadays is on being violent enforcers for the Mexican Mafia's members in the San Andreas Correctional Facility instead of making money for themselves through lucrative criminal activities such as drug dealing and stolen/illegally modified weapon sales.

The Normandie Locos for the most part don't involve themselves in feuds with other Hispanic gangs, they are however known to have had clashes with South Central & Western LS based Sureño gangs in the past, these gangs include but are not limited to Clanton 14th Street, Harpys 13, Witmer Street 13 (WST), Hell Bound 13, W/S Playboys 13, Crazy Riders 13 , 18th Street Calais Lil Cycos. Other enemies include the K-Town Mafia Crips, Rollin 40's Crips, Hobart Street Thugs and Aztlan 13.

The Mara Salvatrucha Normandie Locos are for the most part friendly towards all other Mara Salvatrucha cliques within Los Santos and the surrounding states, however they have been known to become involved in inner gang feuds and are hostile towards all Mara Salvatrucha cliques that condone rape and/or aren't loyal to the Mexican Mafia. Inner gang enemies include the Western Locos, Tiny Winos, Lafayette Locos and the Coronado Lil Cycos.


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Aug 11, 2019
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Jason McKnight
Glad to see some illegal factions forming up, looking forwards to seeing y'all tear it up