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Jul 8, 2019
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By James Monroe | 17th August 2019

David O'Sullivan's house in Mirror Park, crime scene after the Sullivan household was pipe bombed

At around 6 AM on the 15th of August 2019; the Los Santos Fire Department and Police Department were called to the scene where a pipe bombing had taken place early in the morning. David O'Sullivan, Mauraid O'Sullivan, and their two children; Denise O'Sullivan and Timothy O'Sullivan were all victims of the pipe bombing, which left all four dead at the scene. The Los Santos Fire Department spent over two hours trying to put out the fire after eye-witnesses seen three males wearing all black with their faces covered, throw two PVC pipe bombs into the household.

Detectives from the Los Santos Police Department fear that this could spark an all-out gangland war while others believe it was an inside job. David O'Sullivan has had affiliations to a group of Irish mobsters in the past, but there was never any concrete evidence found aside from him being at weddings, birthdays and seen hanging out with infamous mobsters like Hugh "Hugo Boss" O'Flaherty and Gerry "Dirty Jer" Greene. Parts of the PVC pipe bomb were founded and there was no fingerprints found, which one detective who wishes to stay unknown commented on: "I'm well aware most of you are scared, and or frustrated at the recent event but I can assure you we're doing our best to find out who did this. We have evidence of the improvised explosive device but haven't been able to identify anyone yet".

The Los Santos Police Department confirmed it was indeed a PVC pipe bomb or two that was thrown into the household, and they also believe it has direct connects to organized crime in the state, but they are still investigating the on-going matter.

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Nov 25, 2019
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My good folks painting houses whenever renovation needed ☘