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Player Report Rules & Information

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Los Santos County

Dec 28, 2018
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If a player has purposely broken a server rule that has directly impacted you negatively causing you to lose property, money or interrupt your roleplay; you may submit a forum report on said player. You should always first attempt to resolve the issue yourself by speaking with the other player in question. If you cannot come to terms, that is when you should file a report.​
Reports on Staff Members do not belong in this section, if you have an issue with any member of staff please contact @Aero with a brief but detailed message. Evidence is also required for staff reports, we will not spend time checking through the logs, you are responsible for backing your accusations.

Before making a report please read the following information provided below to ensure you are justified in making a forum report.​
  • An Administrator's decision is final. This also means that, if the situation was already handled in-game, you cannot file a forum report later because you are unhappy with the outcome of the previous Administrator's verdict.
  • Please refrain from "bickering" back and forth. Replies should only contain information vital to the report, this is not a section to have an argument in. Players found doing so will have a warning placed upon their account.
  • Ensure the player you are reporting has actually broken a server rule, this is not a section for possibilities. You must have proper evidence to back your claim (see Evidence section for more information)


When reporting a player you are required to have sufficient evidence to back your accusation. Server logs will not be pulled or sorted through for a case by case basis. The list provided below are examples of acceptable evidence of which can be used to create a report.​
  • Screenshot - A screenshot may be used to back your claims. Screenshots must be completely unedited. You may resize the screenshot to fit the forums properly however the image itself must not be cropped or have any effects used.
  • Video - Videos may be used as evidence, they may be lightly edited as long as chatlog is not obstructed.
  • Staff Confirmation - If a staff member has witnessed the situation in question and has acknowledged that they will confirm the situation, we will take this into account. We will not accept general players as a "confirming" party. Other players are more than welcome to add information to the report, however, only a staff member can be used at their word.


After your report is posted, you should inform the player that has been reported of your forum report so they may comment with their side of the story. Do so in a polite manner, there is no need to start an argument or be arrogant. Upon informing the reported party, you wait. Do not message any member of staff that you have posted a report, be patient. An Administrator will read each side of all parties involved and act upon the information presented. Upon reaching their verdict the report will be closed and punishment will be handed out, you as a player have no contribution to what punishment the player reported receives. It is entirely the Administrators discretion.​
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