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The 5 Point Kings


Jun 1, 2020
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Florida, USA
Carlito Rogers.
Miguel Rodriguez.
Jerome Johnson.


The 5 Point Kings aka 5PK is a brutal, vicious street gang.
A set of a much larger gang also known as "The Almighty Latin King Nation" their members are mainly male Hispanic immigrants, along with Hispanic Americans whom live in low income areas in the "Southern, Los Santos" area, the gang is known to be most active on a small street in Davis named "Grove Street."

5PK, FPK, 5 Point Gangsters.

People's Nation,
Sinaloa Cartel,
Multiple Hispanic Street Gangs.

All Folk Nation gangs.


5PN is known to have around 4-500 members, their members are mainly male Hispanic immigrants, along with Hispanic Americans in the state of California with the largest number of members in Los Santos, while the main gang "The Almighty Latin King Nation" maintains a number of over 50,000 members in the United States.

5PN is strictly a Latino street gang that consists of Hispanic men or women that are full Latin, however will accept members half Hispanic if their father is full Latino. 5PN members are known to work with other ethnicities if money is involved but will not recruit them into 5PK nor involve them in 5PK business.

5PN is now throughout the entire state of California and is expanding further but is known to claim a small street in the town Los Santos in the Davis, South Los Santos area named "Grove Street" however is well known to travel throughout Davis, Rancho, Forum Drive along with other areas of Los Santos if money is involved. However the gang is just an official set inside of the widely known Almighty Latin King's Gang, which over 50,000 Members in 41 states in America.


The Latin Kings Street gang was formed in Chicago in the 1960s, Members consisted of mainly Mexican and Puerto Rican Males. The ALKN was originally formed for the purpose of protecting the Latin immigrants from racial discrimination, they joined together to overcome racial prejudice and called their members "King's" and "Queen's". Membership numbers are estimated to exceed over 25,000 and they operate in over 158 cities and over 41 states.

5PK Origin
5PK 5 Point Kings (a branch of Latin King's) was founded by two brothers named Carlito "Money" Rogers and Juan "Ghost" Rogers in Los Santos County, California July 14th, 2017. The brothers were originally very high ranking members of KMC (The Motherland set of Latin King's) due to them being born in to the gang as golden children. Their father Raymundo "Mandamás" Rogers was one of the highest ranking KMC members in the motherland (Chicago) raised them alone due to their mother being shot and killed while they were still a very young age he trained and groomed them into some of the most brutal and diabolical gangsters on the streets of Chicago. July 4th, 2017 will be a day the brothers will never forget, they went out to a well known area in the heart of Chicago to party for the holiday when they arrived they immediately felt uneasy with their surroundings noticing there were many apposing gangs in the area they decided to leave the area they were in and find a new place to go while walking back to the car they heard a scream and turned to find 6 masked men running straight towards them firing weapons at them in the middle of a crowd, the brothers fled to there vehicle and jumped inside and punched the gas only to be shot at by an assault rifle as they quickly pulled off and fled home as fast as they could.
Their father Raymundo was furious that someone was targeting his children and quickly did some research finding out that there has been a 50 thousand dollar hit placed on the heads of his two boys due to a murder they committed on a high ranking opposing gang member and people would be gunning for them until they came to an end. Raymundo called in all the power he could bring to force and exterminated as many people as he could find involved with the hit placed that could have killed his sons. Raymundo showed the streets not to come near his boys and his boys were very well know for their own violent reputation themselves their father knew they could handle their own but needed a fresh start he sat the boys down three days later with two tickets and a plan, they were to first check out the city and observe their surroundings but he made it clear what the major plan here was to open a new chapter of Latin King Nation in Los Santos County, to help the immigrant's and Hispanics in need in the Southern California area and to clean up the Hispanics in Los Santos, the boys did as they were told, packed and took the tickets and got on the plane until they arrived at Los Santos International Airport where they decided they would take a hold of the city piece by piece..
First the brothers would have to find a place to live that suits their needs and also goes along with the budget that their father is providing them with, the brothers searched the city until they came across a small block at the end of a road in Davis, Los Santos called Grove Street the brothers immediately claimed the turf as their own and observed the area, within 5 days they called their father letting him know what they have observed so far, their father was very proud that his sons did as they were told and maintained a low profile while still observing the area heavily, their father said they should expect a package soon and once the package was there they were to begin setting up operations. Two days later the brothers received a knock on the door, it was two groups of three Latin King's with two white vans this was the package their father sent.
The package contained very large quantities of cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana along with other drugs, scales, multiple pistols, shotguns and assault rifles with all the ammunition they could need, along with these items was a box with the word OPEN written across on it, the brothers opened this box to find it filled with black and gold blessed flags and a note the brothers read the note and all it said was "It's Time."
Carlito and Juan quickly sprang to action the brothers and went to work, sitting on their block day and night putting in work hot and cold, wet or dry the brothers sat on Grove Street showing their dominance, claiming the small area in Davis as their own, finding new Hispanic members and initiating them into the nation.
The brothers were quickly sucked into the street life of Los Santos due to their fathers high reputation and their connections for low prices and high profit, the brothers quickly took a hold of the drug and gun market, with their father able to send them multiple supply shipments every week at a price where they could make huge money.
The brothers took advantage of the chance they had and begin making connections with other street gangs and suppliers all while expanding their operation and their numbers recruitment many Hispanic men and women.
The 5 Point Kings rapidly took grasp of the city and did not let go. Due to their codes you will rarely ever find one by him or herself, you will usually find them in a large group on Grove Street but when they make moves, they do it as a group never less than 2 the 5 Point King's stick to a protective code for their members none are to travel alone unless absolutely necessary, if one goes down, they all go down.

Modern Day 5PK

After years, The 5 Point King's have grown into a very vicious and well known gang throughout Los Santos as well as the state of California, they do not take no for an answer, if they want something no one can stand in their way of getting it, the gang has become extremely well known due to the many gruesome crimes connected to them with many members in and out of jail and prison they also maintain control over a large amount of Hispanics behind bars. The 5 Point King's are known to throw massive block party's on the street they claim "Grove Street" and are constantly looking to recruit new members and grow larger and stronger, the gang is well known to do various amounts of Latin King graffiti on the streets fences, and even houses and cars.
The gang is very vicious and hostile towards the police and other government agencies due to a large portion of them being illegal immigrants they tend to try to stay away from police at all costs, wisely or viciously, to stay in this country. The 5 Point King's now have a full structure and are running smoothly and steadily in the city of Los Santos, trying to make it to the top.

Criminal Activities

The 5 Point King's are well known for committing various illegal crimes such as Armed Robbery's, Kidnappings, Home Invasions, Prostitution, Extortion, Car Jacking, along with Firearm and Drug manufacturing and distribution. 5PK members are very well known for being arrested for brutal crimes as well as trafficking in various weapons and drugs. The 5 Point King's go anywhere the money is The 5 Point King's are well known to have a legal mechanic front while sending lower ranked members out to steal cars, most of their mechanics are chopping cars on the side.

There is also various rumors that the gang is running underground street fights for illegal gambling purposes. The gang has a very large drug distribution ring and many members are known to sell narcotics such as cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, crystal meth, marijuana, along with other drugs on the street corners all around Davis in large and small quantities, with the drugs coming in from multiple suppliers as well as directly from Chicago the gang is highly supplied and very well known in the drug and gun trade. The gang tries to keep a low profile but can be very vicious when they feel a threat and is known to be very armed and dangerous.

Gang Signs and Symbols

The 5 Point King's fall under the ALKN (Almighty Latin King Nation). The 5 Point King's are well known for representing the number 5 to symbolize the Latin King Nation. Most hand signs and graffiti revolves around the number 5, 5PK is known to throw up 5 point stars as well as 3 point "sacred crown" with their hands. Most graffiti will have a crown with 5 point stars as well as 5PK or pitchforks pointing down signifying their hatred towards The Folk Nation.
The gang members are known to have many gang tattoos, the gang promotes tattoos and a few of the members are tattoo artists themselves doing tattoos on the members that want a cheaper price than the shop. The gang is well known for having crowns, ALKN, stars or teardrops on their faces along with tattoos of the number 5 or tattoos of their set name 5PK along with the rest of their body's usually covered in gang affiliated tattoo's. The 5 Point King's feel they make a statement with the tattoo's and graffiti that they put out into the community and usually flaunt their ways very openly when it comes to tattoos, gang signs and graffiti.

Gang Structure

The gang is well known for its strict structure and training, all members male or female must workout at least 3 times a week to maintain proper health. The gang expects members to keep a low profile and tend to stay in plain colors like white or black in order to keep this low profile they need.
The gang also does not allow drug addicts, they make money they do not use their own products, members smoke weed and drink a lot of alcohol but you will rarely ever see a King doing any other drug due to the strict rules.
The gang has a mandatory meeting at least once a week and mandates all members to church before or after as a group. Some members are also known to practice some religious beliefs such as Santa Muerte and Santería along with other religious beliefs.
The gang is known to be very strict about the protection of Hispanics, if they see a Hispanic in need they feel it is their duty to help the community they are trying to protect at all costs.


The prisons of Los Santos are flooded with 5PK members due to there very ruthless and vicious attitude on the streets it makes them all that more brutal in prison, working along side other Hispanic gangs they commit various ruthless acts in prison, carrying out prison hits, smuggling in substances and weapons and attempting to control the Hispanic population of the prisons where a high population of 5PK members are active.
5PK members are known to carry out prison hits and are also known to commit brutal attacks and murders on opposing gang members that give a problem to any Hispanic behind the walls of prison or on the streets. Members tend to stick in groups of Hispanics on the prison yards with multiple weapons at all times, they are known to carry weapons such as shanks, razor blades, box cutters and locks in socks, however members are highly known to keep a razor in their mouth, under their bottom lip for quick access to cut someone.

Joining the faction is done all IC and the process will require you to plan and create a unique character that adheres to the faction requirements. You are more than welcome to speak with us at any time through a forum message or by joining our discord server linked below.
You are expected to roleplay to you're full potential at ALL times, any major rule breakers will be removed from the faction immediately.
3.) We have high expectations of our group and expect all members who are interacting within the faction (with the intent to join or currently a member) to portray a realistic version of modern day Latin King gang members and affiliates of them.

4.) Just because you join the faction doesn't mean your character development stops we expect you to continue developing your character along with the rest of the faction throughout your time in the faction.
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Jun 4, 2020
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Respect your brothers your crown and your nation. Mark by truth. Your word is your crown your crown is your nation. A king must live by this word.