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Vehicle System


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Dec 28, 2018
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Bradley Snow
Vehicle System
Los Santos County
Last Updated: 05/FEB/2021
Written By: @Audi.

Overview | Commands | Media

Our vehicle system that is featured is a very simple concept for new players to understand, and as well players who have experience will be familiarized with it. The commands within the vehicle system are mostly self-explanatory for most commands. While also offering the opportunity for other roleplay ideas such as renting cars, borrowing a car from a friend, etc. The possibilities are endless with the scenarios that can be created off of this system and will be able to support good and actual genuine interactions via player to player.​

/v list
  • Description: Lists all owned vehicles.
/v park
  • Description: Parks the vehicle that you're are currently in, in the position you defined.
  • Note: You must do /v buypark beforehand to park your desired vehicle.
/v buypark
  • Description: This is used to buy a parking spot for your desired vehicle.
/v lock
  • Description: Very simple and self-explanatory this locks the vehicle you either have keys to or your own vehicle.
/v tow
  • Description: This will tow your vehicle after some time if it's far away from the parking spot, it tows it back to the original /v park spot.
/v find
  • Description: Gives you a location on your lost vehicle on the map. Can only be used on cars you have spawned that are empty.
/v mycars
  • Description: Displays all of the cars that you currently have spawned.
/v dupkey [id]
  • Description: This gives a copy of your vehicle keys to another player.
  • Note: They have access to your vehicle as if it was their own they are prohibited from using personal commands such as /v park etc.
/v takekey [id]
  • Description: When near the person you gave vehicle keys to this will remove the vehicle keys from them and they will no longer have access to your vehicle.
/v scrap
  • Description: This is used if you want to permanently delete your vehicle for half of the dealership price.
/v sell [id] [price]
  • Description: Used to offer a player to buy your vehicle once they accept it's no longer yours, they have full ownership of the vehicle and its inventory.